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MD 160  is  a  small  handheld  metal  detectors,  special  tools  of  security  check.  Its  small  volume  and  light weight make operation flexible, convenient and quick to detect metal objects. It hold selection for sound alarm or vibration  alarm.  After  starting  up  and  without  any  adjustment,  it  can  directly  detect  metal  widely  and comprehensively and can accurately get the target location.

MD 160 with ultra-high sensitivity can detect all types of metal, can be used to check weapons, explosives or other trace metal objects that it is even carry-on and hidden in the parcel. Special shape design of induction zone make the operation more simple and convenient





With the most advanced electronic technology, MD 160 hand held metal detector with ultra-high sensitivity, can be used to specifically detect extremely small non-magnetic metal objects, such as Pin, razor blades, gold and silver etc.

Low sensitivity, normal sensitivity, high sensitivity and ultra-high sensitivity can be adjusted according to different working environment.

After starting up and without any adjustment, it can directly detect metal quickly, widely and accurately. Clear and distinguishable alarm voice and LED indicator light alarm help us detect to get the target location

of metal

Detecting distance is stable even Power gradually become low

MD 160 hand held metal detector with three forms of sound, light and vibration alarm can be adapted to a variety of environments.

LED indicator light: Red-LED Alarm, Green-Power on, Yellow-Low power

Ultra-low power and Ultra-long working time(72 continuous working time)

Low power reminder: continuous automatic voice or vibration alarm and yellow LED light. Charging function: MD 160 with 4-6 hours’ charging can be used for 800 detecting. Material: shock proof ABS plastic

Technical Parameters



Size: 350*80*60 (mm) Weight:270 g

Unit carton dimension: 380*120*90 (mm) Gross weight: 486 g

Alarm voice: ≥78 dB(A) Power: 18650 lithium battery Operating temperature: -20+45 Protection class: IP 31

Detection ability : Grade A

Magnetic induction intensity: ≥1.9 Ut

Harmless to heart peacemaker, pregnant women, magnetic floppy, recording tapes, etc. Standard: GB 12899-2003



Security work: Prevent carrying banned items such as knife, gun items

The factory security: Prevent the loss of valuables

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