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BAITS are an established and trusted name in home and business security that meets the needs of our community to protect people and property. Our mission is to create value-added solutions for our clients and partners, taking advantage of the best technologies and capabilities. We are committed and determined to provide the best solutions so that our customers can benefit from improved security to help increase productivity and efficiency of operations.

Fire Safety and Fire Protection Solution

1.FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEMS 1.1. FOAM BASED EXTINGUISHING SYSTEM 1.1.1. FOAM-WATER SPRINKLER SYSTEM A special system that consists of a pipe connected to a source of foam concentrate and a source of water. The system is equipped with suit...

CCTV Surveillance Systems

CCTV Surveillance Systems is one of the key security systems in our daily and industrial life. With the power of this solution, we can easily detect our security problem and find out the proper solution. In Bangladesh, BAITS is a renowned name who ha...

Access Control and Time Attendance System

Access control systems have become increasingly sophisticated. Today, the term "access control system" most often refers to a computer-based access control system using an electronic card, biometric access control, and a vein or retina system. This a...

Burglar Alarm System

These systems also allow you to control your smart security from your phone, even when you're not at home. An anti-intrusion/burglar alarm system helps you to detect unauthorized entry into buildings such as residential, commercial and industrial b...

Car Parking Management System

Parking Management Systems Parking is the way a property welcomes its visitors first, thus setting the first conviction for the rest of the visit. In general, we face many problems parking our vehicle, for example, where to park, which will take care...

Web & Software Development

Our experts are ready to make your project alive. We offer web design solutions incorporating the latest technologies, which use CMS backbend systems with new drag-and-drop editors. We also have medium to large scale software development applications...

Education Management Solution

Now all we know that Bangladesh becoming a digitalized country by the power of Information Technology. NEDUBD has a vision & mission that we will also digitalize our entire educational management a system with the help of our IT solution. ...

Archway Gate and Metal Detector

•Luxury walk-through metal detectors.•Door frame metal detector for security body checking. •LCD big screen display.

Baggage Scanner

Our Products form the leading importer & supplier of Baggage Scanner in Bangladesh. Our Baggage Scanner is serving the market with the best Performer Baggage Scanner of European & China origin.

Car Number Tracking CCTV Solution

BAITS are one of the Best Solution of  Car Number Tracking CCTV Solution Provider in Bangladesh.Why choose our products? •Its tracks the right points.•Its very comfortable for long lasting continuous operation.•It is highly reliabl...

Car GPS Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking Service Vehicle Tracking Service (VTS) will provide you with round the clock security and tracking of your vehicle using satellite GPS & GSM communication.  Using this service, you can see your vehicle’s position, spe...

IP Base Intercom & PABX System

If you’ve ever called a major business you’ve likely listened to a menu and selected options to talk to the right person. That’s a PBX phone system and it’s a great way to avoid putting customers on hold as they travel to the right person within y...

Face Recognition CCTV Solution

• Platform for pairing and indexing faces• Matching and detection algorithms• Centralized / decentralized• Supports multiple databases • Optional link to ANPR

Home Automation Solution

As technology continues to evolve in the space of home automation, the need to organize different devices in a cohesive and centralized system also increases. And that's exactly what home automation centers do: they guarantee that all connected d...

Student Monitoring Solution

BAITS providing a full automation solution of Access control and Time Attendance Systems in Bangladesh. You can rely on more field access control security solutions to.Enhance workplace security. Restrict entry to buildi...

Guarding beyond Boundaries

Our Boundary Guard starts your security BEFORE burglars get within. This attractive and low profile outdoor PIR detects up to 40' on each side, creating an 80'x 3' detection pattern.It suits the majority outside applications as a result of it combine...

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